Participants of Flock are be immersed in a psychedelic live theatre experience led by surreal bird performers before they step out of the nest and into the untethered virtual world of this location-based, multi-user virtual reality experience.

In Flock, participants are surrounded by a kaleidoscopic world of wonder, colorful birds (other participants), and bugs unlike anything they have ever seen. During their adventure, they will eat these enchanting insects, interact with the other birds, and explore the limitless expanse of this world. Participant’s exploration will finish back in the real world, where they will engage in a closing experience to accept the passing of their flock and the creation of a new flock. A soundtrack blending both the virtual and the actual accompanies all who partake in this experience.

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Flock is a location-based, multi-user VR experience for an unlimited number of participants. The most recent version is built for the HTC Vive and runs well as a tethered or untethered experience.

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