Here & Elsewhere


It is twenty thousand years in the future and our signals have been received, but it is too late for life on earth. The hyper dimensional crystals have arrived to a blasted wasteland. They can see the beauty in our ruins, and something of themselves in our striving. They must first clear away these desiccated remains, and send some of it to their museum. They reconstruct this planet in their own image and restore a harmonious balance.

Here & Elsewhere was inspired by the architecture, location and story of the venue itself. It is a beacon of crystalline creativity growing like a mushroom out of the rotting, industrial landscape of Bushwick. The piece is intended to be a meditation on archaeology, history and the inescapability of misinterpretation in reconstruction. It is also meant to shine an optimistic light on the inevitable decline and destruction of our civilization and species. The earth will reabsorb our ashes into her womb and we will become part of whatever comes next.

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