LightBox LAB: Object Normal, A Launch in Honor of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

Jul 13, 2015   New York City, New York

Object Normal has partnered with Lightbox to launch an experimental new initiative called Lightbox Lab. The collaboration pairs high-quality, immersive entertainment with event-based interactive installations at Lightbox’s NYC location. Object Normal will debut three new pieces: Mote, In Lights and Liminal Space at the July 19th, 2016 launch from 4-6PM. This is an invite-only event.

Object Normal is a collective of artists and innovators that span a diverse background in static, time-based and interactive media. They create unforgettable experiences for web, mobile and VR devices or for site-specific installations.

Lightbox is a unique event space which is perfect for presenting digital art on a massive scale. It offers an inspiring opportunity to glimpse a future of immersive, interactive events that allow audience agency in influencing the communal experience.

About the Works

Later in life, Andy Warhol revised his oft-quoted quip about fame in the future, arriving at: “In fifteen minutes, everyone will be famous”. In Lights, created by artist Scott Garner exclusively for Lightbox, offers an avenue for this kind of instant fame by presenting a virtual skyline of huge digital billboards hungry for your smiling face. Designed as a subtle, but playful, backdrop for events, In Lights takes the snapshots and selfies of attendees from the small screens of phones and tablets to a wall-sized spectacle.

In Mote, artist David Lobser explores the early history of the universe via a custom particle system. Mote is a system, an installation, and a tool for performance. It is a medium through which forces in space-time can find expression. These forces include acoustic pulses (sound and music), motion (via inputs such as Kinect or motion capture devices), parametric constraints (sliders and dials) and more.

Liminal Space, by artist Sergio Mora-Díaz, is an installation that will bring people together to create and explore an audiovisual environment by way of collective motion. Participants interact by performing gestures on their mobile phones to modify the visual elements in the projections. These interactions ripple out from the participants into the dynamic space. The immersive environment utilizes a digital projection system focused on the walls of the space and an arrangement of translucent fabrics, giving a sense of depth and density.